Aggressive Athletic Rehab for Achilles Tendon

One technique for rehab for the Achilles tendon rupture is aggressive athletic rehab. This process is focused on faster mobilization following an Achilles tendon rupture repair. Once the wound is healed, patients are encouraged to actively move their ankle through a series of exercises designed to fire the calf muscle and to use the Achilles, but doing so in such a way without putting a significant amount of force through the Achilles. Patients still have to significantly limit their activity, but rather than using a cast, patients are using a boot. This program, however, has potential advantages and disadvantages:


  • Faster recovery
  • Less calf strength is lost
  • Less leg strength is lost


  • Risk of stretching out the repaired Achilles. The elongated Achilles will be weak and a revision surgery may be necessary.

Edited September 10th, 2015

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