Foot Pain Identifier

Have foot pain or ankle pain? Click on one of the pictures below and point to the area of the foot or ankle where it hurts. Click to see some of the conditions that cause foot symptoms in that area.

dorsal-1 dorsal-2 dorsal-3 dorsal-4 dorsal-5 dorsal-6 dorsal-7 dorsal-8 dorsal-9 dorsal-10 dorsal-11

lateral-5 lateral-1 lateral-2 lateral-3 lateral-4 lateral-6 lateral-7 lateral-8 lateral-9 lateral-13 lateral-10 lateral-11 lateral-12

medial-1 medial-2 medial-3 medial-4 medial-5 medial-7 medial-8 medial-9

plantar-1 plantar-2 plantar-3 plantar-4 plantar-5 plantar-6 plantar-7 plantar-8

Diagrams are only for general education purposes and are NOT designed to be diagnostic. For assessment of individual symptoms please consult a licensed healthcare professional!

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