Resisted Eversion

Indications: who should do resisted eversion exercises?

Patients with weakness of the muscles on the outside of the ankle, or patients who suffer recurrent ankle sprains, may benefit from exercises to strengthen their ankle everters - the muscles that moves the ankle and foot outwards (Figure 1A and 1B). Muscle weakness often occurs with disuse following surgery or an ankle or foot injury. Also, exercises to increase ankle eversion strength are often prescribed as treatment for patients with ankle instability.

Figure 1A and 1B

How it's done

A stretching band is attached to a fixed object such as a doorknob, and then wrapped around the outside of the foot (Figure 1). The foot is then moved in an outward direction against resistance. This motion is repeated 10-20 times. A total of 3-6 sets should be performed.

Edited September 19, 2015

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