How do I fit a metatarsal pad?

Patients with painful metatarsalgia may gain significant benefit from the use of a metatarsal pad as this pad will tend to offload the area of greatest pressure. To fit a metatarsal pad appropriately perform the following steps:

1. Using lipstick or a marking pen outline the main area of discomfort on the sole of your forefoot (See Figure 1)

2. Take your orthotic insert out of your shoe and step on it. Then identify the mark left by the lipstick or marker (See Figure 2).

3. Place the metatarsal pad just BEFORE the area outlined by the marker (See Figure 3). The idea is for the metatarsal pad to take much of the load that would otherwise be concentrated over the painful area.
4. Replace the orthotic insert in your shoe and try walking around with the metatarsal pad in place. If you need to adjust the metatarsal pad to another location that will be more comfortable do so.

Edited July 16th, 2014

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