Scar Massage

Indications: who should undergo scar massage?

Patients who have undergone surgery or who have suffered a cut on their foot may benefit from scar massage.  Scar massage may be most beneficial in patients who are developing an exuberant (hypertrophic) scar; have tethering of the underlying tissues to the skin; or where there is evidence of a nerve that is entrapped in a healing wound.  It is critical that scar massage not be started until basic wound healing has occurred (usually a minimum of 3-4 weeks post-surgery) or else there is a chance that the wound will open up.

How it’s done

Gently rub the wound in a circular manner.  Move back and forth across the wound.  It may be helpful to apply a vitamin E based cream to make the massaging easier.  It is helpful to gradually try and move the skin away from the underlying tissue.  Consider massaging for 5-10 minutes per day.  Stop if there is any evidence of wound breakdown or if symptoms are significantly aggravated.

Edited September 19, 2015